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Revealing Concealed Gems and Breathtaking Panoramas: Exploring Journeys of Revelation through 4WD Tag Along Tours

Allied Market Research highlights that the market size for adventure travel in Australia in 2019 was $22,370 million. It will increase to $33,519 million by 2027, with a CAGR of 21.0% between 2021 and 2027.

“Embarking on adventure tours is akin to driving down uncharted roads – a thrilling journey adding excitement to life and broadening horizons. It offers a unique opportunity to break away from routine, challenge personal boundaries and foster personal growth, “ says car expert Burke Wilson of Great Rides—Australia’s top car guidance resource.

Amid the monotony of conventional travel, the allure of uncovering nature’s concealed gems and capturing breath-taking panoramas remains irresistible. Step into the world of 4WD Tag Along Tours, a realm where uncharted landscapes and hidden marvels await the intrepid adventurer. Here are some insights spotlighting the comprehensive inclusions that define a transformative exploration.

1. Over 40 Years of Trailblazing Expeditions

Pindan Tours has been at the forefront of pioneering 4WD Tag Along journeys across South Australia. From the majestic Flinders Ranges to the rugged Goog’s Track, from Innamincka to the legendary Oodnadatta Track and the expansive Outback SA, these expeditions have woven a tapestry of exploration spanning vast and diverse terrains.

2. Expanding Horizons Across the Continent

However, the legacy of Pindan Tours extends far beyond South Australia, encompassing a remarkable range of destinations. From Central Australia to the vast expanse of Outback NT, the remote Desert regions of WA, NT, SA & QLD, the pristine beauty of Fraser Island, the wild landscapes of Outback Queensland and New South Wales, and the untouched splendour of the Kimberley and Pilbara, these journeys showcase nature’s finest across Australia’s varied regions.

Windswept desert sands

3. Embarking on Extraordinary Pathways

Much like Pindan Tours’ dedication to showcasing hidden wonders, 4WD Tag Along Tours traverse extraordinary paths that challenge the boundaries of conventional exploration. The rugged beauty of the Diamantina, the desolation of remote Desert regions, and countless places in between form the backdrop for these journeys, inviting adventurers to unearth nature’s secrets.

Secluded campsites away from it all

4. Complete Expedition Experience

4WD Tag Along Tours offer a comprehensive experience reminiscent of Pindan Tours’ holistic ethos. The inclusions encompass:

  • Accommodation and camping fees, where relevant
  • 4WD track fees, Aboriginal Lands Access fees, and private station 4WD track fees
  • National Park entrance fees, Desert Parks passes, and Aboriginal Lands permits
  • Experienced, fully licensed CTO (Certified Tour Operator) and fully ‘Advanced’ Eco-Accredited Tour leaders, equipped with Senior First Aid qualifications and an extensive emergency Remote Area First Aid Kit and a Defib unit
  • 4WD Training and Recovery where required during the Tours. With over 25 years of continuous 4WD Training at your disposal – it’s a great chance to learn all about how to 4WD Off Road
  • UHF Radio Commentary on all their Tours
  • Their own specially designed full colour Tour Booklets – a great memento for you
  • HF Radio for trip logging and communication with the Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • Satellite phone for emergency communication
  • Extensive Recovery equipment for 4WD vehicle retrievals
  • Minor mechanical and electrical repairs
  • Bush toilet facilities where required
  • A Campfire-cooked meal or country pub meal
  • BBQ hot plate and, on specific tours, a Camp Oven for cooking
  • Gas cooktop available for evening meals
  • 4WD training and guidance on using GPS units
  • Informative tour guiding, offering insights into Pastoral, Explorer & Railway history, attractions, flora, fauna, and Aboriginal significance

5. Kindling Bonds and Forging Memories

Akin to Pindan Tours’ focus on fostering connections, 4WD Tag Along Tours cultivate camaraderie among participants. One of their philosophies is that ‘A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet’! The shared experience of exploration transcends the journey itself, creating friendships and memories that resonate long after the expedition concludes.

6. Panoramas to Ignite the Imagination

The tour’s crescendo is the breathtaking panoramas that grace each ascent and descent. Echoing Pindan Tours’ commitment to showcasing the grandeur of nature, these vistas beckon participants to immerse themselves in the sheer beauty of untouched landscapes.

Tranquil desert waterholes – where would you rather be!

7. Environmental Awareness and Respect

4WD Tag Along Tours often emphasise the importance of responsible travel and environmental conservation. Traveller’s are educated about the delicate ecosystems they encounter and are encouraged to tread lightly, leaving no trace behind. The heightened awareness enhances the travel experience, allowing participants to forge a deeper connection with nature while preserving it for generations.

8. Personal Transformation

The revelations experienced through 4WD Tag Along Tours extend beyond the physical landscapes. Traveller’s often find themselves transformed by the challenges they overcome, the friendships they form, and the beauty they encounter. These journeys of revelation can spark a newfound appreciation for the natural world, a desire to explore more deeply, and a fresh perspective on life’s possibilities.

Spectacular desert sunrises!

Tag Along for a Journey Beyond Boundaries with Pindan Tours

4WD Tag Along Tours offer an unparalleled opportunity to peel back the layers of conventional travel and embark on journeys of revelation. The thrill of exploration, guided discovery, and the unveiling of hidden treasures create an experience that transcends sightseeing.


Pindan Tours and 4WD Training is a pioneering force in off-road adventures, offering over 40 years of expertise in crafting transformative 4WD journeys across Australia’s breathtaking landscapes. With an unwavering commitment to showcasing hidden gems and fostering connections, Pindan Tours’ expert-led expeditions invite adventurers to immerse themselves in nature’s secrets.

Our convoy across the remote Outback deserts


Contact us at: in**@pi*********.au and learn about Australia’s top provider of adventure tours, high quality 4WD Training and sustainable tourism.



Article by: Maya Coleman & Norman Bee

Photographs by: Norman Bee – Pindan Tours and 4WD Training

Copyright: Pindan Tours and 4WD Training

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