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Your Tour Guides and our Vehicle


Norman (Greenfield) Bee and Coralie Bee of Pindan Tours and 4WD Training are based in Quorn and are the owners of the business. Norman is the lead 4WD Trainer and Assessor and lead 4WD Tour guide and has owned and operated 4WD vehicles for over 40 years and driven over 1.5 million kilometres all over Australia spending much of his time touring & working in the Australian Outback and is passionate about 4WD Training & 4WD Touring in Australia.

Norm has had a very long involvement with 4WDriving, touring and camping in the Outback. He started camping regularly at 13 and got his first 4WD at 17. He delivered his first itinerised tour in 1983 - a 2 week tour up to the Red Centre and back down the Oodnadatta Track and into the Flinders Ranges. His family background was in the Pastoral industry and he frequently spent time on the family Station in the NW of S.A. when he was growing up. We have travelled extensively all over mainland Australia as a family on many of the iconic 4WD tracks and Norm has often worked in the Outback on various stations during his career as a builder, leading tours all over Australia and now as a contract 4WDriver. 

A regional family owned business, Pindan Tours and 4WD Training was created to deliver safe, high quality and affordable 4WD Training to the Nationally Accredited level for private recreational 4WDriver's, Corporate clients and Government departments. We specialise in regional 4WD training from the Mid North of S.A. northwards to Alice Springs, across to Ceduna and east to Broken Hill and all points in between!

Norm and his wife Coralie, are also dedicated to delivering Responsible & Respectful Tourism and providing informative and enjoyable 4WD Tours for travellers who are staying in the Flinders Ranges or are joining us to explore the remote Outback and it’s our passion for the Flinders Ranges & Outback that really makes our tours come alive!

Norman has direct family ties and pastoral history in the Flinders Ranges, in particular to Kanyaka Station, and to the North West Pastoral region of Outback South Australia, where he lived on the family station (Purple Downs) for a while. Norman & Coralie were also sheep farmers in S.A.'s Mid North for 13 years themselves.

Coralie has a Bachelor and Master’s degrees in science and an Education Degree and a passion for, and a wealth of knowledge about native Flora and Fauna and is an Arid Lands Botanical Garden Tour Guide in Port Augusta. She compliments Norman on their Tag along Tours when guests want to learn more about specific plant species & flowers and native fauna and she is also a volunteer Ambulance Responder, so you're in safe hands on our Tag along Tours!

They maintain their training skills through their constant quality 4WD Training delivery and through industry training via networking (e.g. buying, using & testing new products and methods, etc.), video links and best practice by other leading 4WD trainers like themselves.

They both have Digital Photography course qualifications and can help you with taking better photographs, utilising the various settings on your camera and Norm also operates a drone, for some spectacular outback photography on their tours.

Together, Norman & Coralie have safely led many 4WD trips over the last 25 years throughout Australia, including day, weekend and extended trips from 2 to 13 weeks long into remote areas of Australia. Trips have included destinations like the Flinders Ranges, the Corner Country, Simpson Desert, Great Victoria Desert, Gibson Desert, many remote Outback regions in South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales & the Northern Territory, as well as trips to Fraser Island, the Diamantina & Channel Country of Queensland, the Pilbara & Pilbara Coast, through the Kimberley's, Kakadu and the Coral Coast of W.A. as well as many iconic 4WD tracks, to name a few.

We operate with a Toyota Landcruiser 200 series 4WD (with a 4.2 Ton GVM upgrade) which is fully equipped with all the necessary recovery gear, Remote area First Aid Kit, portable Defib unit & Communications you'll need and is set up for serious Off-Road Touring for our Tag along Tours, as we specialise in remote area 4WD touring.

Our Pindan Tours and 4WD Training vehicle.

Our Pindan Tours and 4WD Training vehicle.


Norman holds Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment (TAE10) and has been delivering Cert. IV workplace Training and Assessment and 4WD driver training continuously for over 25 years. He also holds a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment in Basic and Advanced Four-Wheel Driving and Recovery Techniques, Operating Side by Side utility vehicles, Operating Quad bikes and another one to Drive Vehicles Under Operational Conditions. He was a peer instructor with the Driver Training Unit (DTU), the training arm of Four Wheel Drive South Australia Inc. (4WDSA) and was also Chairman of that unit for 5 years, which was an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) and he was a member of the select Driver Training Committee for 10 years. In addition, he was also the lead Training and Assessment auditor for the DTU. So, essentially for many years, he trained the Trainers & Assessors of 4WDSA to the highest Nationally Recognised Standards. Two of which, have now gone on to develop their own 4WD Training businesses south of Adelaide. So, why not get trained by the guy who's trained the 4WD Trainers & Assessors!

Coralie also holds the Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment (TAE10) and has been delivering Cert. IV Workplace Training and Assessment for over 24 years and 4WD driver training for over 10 years.

We maintain our training skills through our constant quality 4WD Training delivery and through industry training via networking (e.g. buying, using & testing new products and methods, etc.), video links and best practice by other leading 4WD trainers like ourselves.


LP & SP Drivers Licence

Commercial Tour Operators Licence (CTO) - SA, NT & WA

Accredited Tour Operator Drivers under the Passenger Transport Act - Norman & Coralie

ECO Certified - 'Advanced Ecotourism' - Ecotourism Australia

ECO Certified - 'EcoStar' - TiCSA (Tourism Industry Council South Australia), meaning we are an Accredited Tourism Business meeting Sustainable environmental business practises

ROC Certified - Respecting Our Culture - Ecotourism Australia

HR Truck licence - Norman  (since 1985)

Motor Vehicle Driving Instructor (MVDI) - Norman (11 years)

Nationally Accredited 4WD Trainer & Assessor (over 25+ years) - (Basic & Advanced 4WD Driving & Recoveries)

Full insurance cover for Driver Training and 4WD Training

Certificate IV in Training & Assessment – TAE10

Certificate IV in Tourism (Guiding) – specialising in Eco Tourism

PUAVEH001B - Drive vehicles under operational conditions

AHCMOM216 - Operate side by side utility vehicles

AHCMOM212 - Operate Quad Bikes

Digital Photography Course (TAFE)

First Aid Qualifications: 

HLTAID009 - Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation  (current)

HLTAID010 - Provide basic emergency life support  (current)

HLTAID011 - Provide first aid  (current)

HLTAID013 - Provide First Aid in Remote or Isolated site  (current) - Norman

CFS & SES Volunteer - Norman

SAAS Volunteer (Ambulance Responder) - Coralie

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