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Madigan Line

Overview  Itinerary

A detailed itinerary will be provided upon 4WD Tour booking and payment of the tour deposit.

Unlike some operators, our Madigan Line Tour covers the entire length of the iconic Madigan Line from Old Andado Station all the way through to Birdsville. So join us on the 80th Anniversary of the first European crossing of the Simpson Desert (by Cecil Madigan and his team, using camels in 1939) as we visit Madigan's camps linked together by a two wheeled track and follow in his footsteps across the Simpson Desert ..... book now!


15th July to 28th of July 2019 (inclusive)


14 Days – 4WD Tag along Tour

Trip Cost

$2,995.00/vehicle  (incl. GST) per vehicle – 2 people (Additional costs for extra adults or children)


Madigan Line Track (Northern Simpson Desert) to Birdsville

Degree of Difficulty

Moderate to Advanced 4WDriving

Driver Experience

Some prior 4WD experience in sand would be useful and we will help you along the way and/or perhaps you’d like to attend one of our Driver Training Courses prior to the trip.

Do you require Towing Training?

Do you require 4WD Training?


Bush camps and one powered camping site. Cabin accommodation can be booked at Birdsville if you'd prefer (additional fees apply)


All Camping fees, Aboriginal Lands Permits & Desert Parks Passes fees and Birdsville Caravan Park fees included.

Approximate distance

2800km approximately (return from Quorn)

Fuel & Tour Requirements

You will need to carry additional fuel for this Tour as it's along way between fuel fill ups.

V8 Landcruisers - 220 litres, smaller Diesel vehicles -170 litres, Petrol vehicles - 300 litres (these figures include your main fuel tank & sub tanks - if you have them)

Minimum of three vehicles required to run the tour.

Only a small group of experienced 4WDriver's cross the very remote Madigan Line each year and you'll be amongst them!

Days 1 & 2

We leave Quorn and head north to Coober Pedy and then head north east across to Oodnadatta and on to the Mount Dare Hotel. Our last chance to fuel up before we make the epic trek across the remote Northern Simpson Desert. This is remote area touring but very relaxed with 9.00am starts and 'Happy Hours' on most days after Day 2.

Madigan Line Track - Pindan Tours and 4WD Training
Old Andado on the Madigan Line - Pindan Tours and 4WD Training

Day 3

We make our way to Old Andado Station and see where Mac & Molly Clarke used to live and visit the ancient 'Waddi Trees' before moving on to the Madigan Line to East Bore and visit Camp 1 and make camp somewhere along the track.

Days 4 to 11

We spend the next 9 days visiting all the Camps we have access to and camp at some of them along the way, as we learn what it was like for Madigan and his crew. After Camp 24 we make our way along the QAA Line to play on 'Big Red' before making our way into Birdsville and a nice hot shower!

Madigan Line - Pindan Tours and 4WD Training
Birdsville Pub - Pindan Tours and 4WD Training

Day 12 

A rest day and a chance to look at the artesian bore and ancient Waddi Trees and a look around the towns historic sites and of course a visit to the magnificent Birdsville bakery with its unique pies and tarts! To complete our epic journey, we’ll have a tour dinner and a drink at the iconic Birdsville Hotel, to celebrate our Madigan Line crossing!

Day 13

Then we head southwards along the famous Birdsville Track, stopping for a drink at the iconic Mungerannie Hotel before making camp near Cooper Creek.

Mungerannie Hotel - Pindan Tours and 4WD Training
Farina Ruins - tag along tours

Day 14

Then it’s on to Marree to visit the Tom Kruse museum followed by a visit to the Farina Ruins on the old Ghan Railway line and a chance to buy and try some fresh baked pastries and cakes from the underground bakery!

Finally, we make our way back home along the rugged and picturesque Northern Flinders Ranges and back into Quorn.

NOTE: Travelling across the Madigan Line is remote area touring and you will (probably) need to carry extra fuel in jerry cans. Due to unforeseen weather, terrain or mechanical issues, it may take longer to do the crossing than mentioned.

Those travelling from interstate (e.g. Qld. & NSW) may wish to leave the Tour at Birdsville and make their way back home from there.

Price includes all Aboriginal Lands Permit fees, Desert Parks Passes, all Camping fees and dinner at 'Camp 25' - the Birdsville Hotel.

NOTE: For safety - All vehicles need to carry at least 2 jerry cans of fuel while we are crossing the Simpson Desert.

All vehicles are to have Sand Flags fitted while in the Simpson Desert. Please contact us if you need help with organising this.