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Go from your L's to your P's with us



Dad and his chicks just meandering along the road on one of our many trips.

Tag Along Tours Googs Track 4WD Adventures

The Googs Track looking north towards Mount Finke

Basic Mud Training

Learn how to safely use a Snatch Strap during our 4WD training. We can show you how in deep mud, soft sand, steep inclines, etc.

4WD Training - Sand driving

Driver training in soft sand. You'll learn the right way to do it and how to avoid getting stuck.

Add to your knowledge by doing an Advanced Course with winch training using a snatch block for a double line pull.

Pindan Tours 4WD Training

Setting up for an Exhaust Jack recovery operation. Yes we do train 'P' plate drivers, they can learn the correct and safe way to do recoveries from day one!

Exhaust Jack Recovery2

With the Exhaust Jack almost fully inflated the rear tyre is lifted out of the sand so the hole can be back filled and the vehicle can be driven out.


Come and join us to scenic spots like the Pinnacles in W.A. The late afternoon storm made our photos just that much better!


Learn new skills like steep ascent and descent driving in a safe and controlled manner. Our trainers will teach you all you need to know.


Join us on trips to see spectacular views like the Elder Range in the Flinders Ranges.

Pindan Tag along Tours

Tag along Touring in remote desert regions with magnificent scenery!

DEWNR - Key Stall Starts

Learn how to do Key Stall Starts the safe and correct way with our qualified Trainers and Assessors.