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Pindan Tours and 4WD Training is a family owned and operated business based in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia – a place we are proud to call our home. Let us share our passion for the Flinders Ranges and Outback with you, taking people on adventurous experiences to memorable outback destinations. Over time we’ve learnt that “when the spirit of adventure calls to our hearts…we must go !!”

Pindan Tours and 4WD Training delivers a number of 4WD Driving and Recovery courses in South Australia as well as Tag-Along 4WD Tours all over Australia, specialising in remote area touring.

Our Trainers and Assessors hold the current Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment (TAE10) and have been delivering Cert IV workplace training and 4WD driver training for over 22 years and they also hold Nationally Accredited Statements of Attainment in Basic and Advanced Four-Wheel Driving and Recovery Techniques.

The leading trainer has owned and operated 4WD vehicles for 39 years and spent much of his time travelling, living and working in the Australian Outback. In addition he has a Certificate IV in Transport & Logistics (TLI41207)  (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction) to teach Learner drivers, as a licensed Motor Vehicle Driving Instructor (MVDI) and he specialises in Defensive Driving techniques on dirt roads.

We also have the Certificate IV in Tourism (SIT40107) – Specialising in Eco Guiding and we’ve been running Tag-along Tours for over 38 years, specialising in small group tours which we believe makes your trip that much more memorable. You can get to know your guides and fellow travellers just that little bit better. It also means a lower impact to the unique environments we travel through and camp in.

We will take you to rugged and remote places that many don’t dare venture to, and you’ll be in safe hands with our experienced guides, comprehensive trip preparation information and communications and recovery equipment vital for safe remote area travel. We also offer advice on 4WD accessories and equipment and how to install and use it safely.

Our goal is to ensure you have a memorable trip, so leave the planning and organisation to us, while you have fun travelling and learning about the great outback while building on your four wheel driving and recovery skills.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality 4WD Training and memorable adventure travel experiences that free the spirit & inspire people to have a greater appreciation of their potential and the value of the world around them.

Some say it's the Journey,

Others say it's the Destination,

but we reckon it's the Experience!

Pindan Tours Mission Statement

Our Brand

The essence of the Pindan Tours adventures brand is:

  • Authenticity, adventure and freedom.
  • We endeavour to change the way people see and appreciate the diverse countryside and scenic wonders – that is Australia.
  • We do this by providing memorable experiences that inspire people to live a more adventurous life by travelling to unique destinations, that most will not venture to.
  • We live and do business with authenticity, fun and professionalism and are guided by our key values of integrity, responsibility, sustainability, balance, respectful communication and going beyond the ordinary.

Our vision

  • To establish a boutique 4WD adventure travel and training business where people can experience inspiring landscapes and cultures that change the way they see themselves and the world around them.
  • To train people in the safe and correct techniques when driving and recovering a 4WD vehicle.
  • To work with and serve like-minded people who have an adventurous and self-responsible spirit.
  • In the process of taking people to adventurous places, we support the local communities we visit and contribute to maintaining the integrity of the environments we experience.
  • To earn a reputation for quality, personal service, affordability, relate-ability and safety.
  • Our growth will be responsible, sustainable and balanced with our personal work/life balance needs.
  • The experience of developing and running our business will be fun, adventurous and inspiring.

What is Ecotourism?

To inspire environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism;

“Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation”.(Ecotourism Australia-

Principles of Ecotourism

  • Minimize Environmental impact.
  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect.
  • Provide positive experiences for both clients and local operators.
  • Participate in Environmental Conservation activities.
  • Awareness through interpretation of environmental and cultural aspects of the Australian landscape.