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Outback 4WD in the Ikara-Flinders Ranges

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The Ikara-Flinders Ranges present a unique and compelling landscape that has fascinated artists of all mediums for generations. Rugged ranges, jagged peaks and dizzying escarpments guard this spectacular terrain. All of which combines to provide the perfect opportunity to experience the outback 4WD tour you’ve always dreamed of and some fantastic photography.

Drink in the beauty of Bunyeroo Valley and the panoramic views from Razorback Lookout before we head to the historical treasure-trove of Brachina Gorge. Once there, you’ll discover that this tour is more than an opportunity to experience outback 4wd adventures, it’s a trip through the history of our planet.

Outback 4WD Razorback LookoutThe Real History Chanel

Around 600 million years ago and roughly 300 kilometers to the west, an asteroid hit the earth. The force of the impact meant that debris – including parts of the meteorite itself – would travel that 300 kilometers, splashing down in a vast primeval inland sea. That debris became a part of the ocean floor. The ocean floor would become the foundation of the Ikara-Flinders ranges.

Millions of years (and layers of sediment) later, this unique treasure would be forced out of hiding by movement of the earths tectonic plates.  This movement would result not only in the banishment of the inland sea, but the rise of a spectacular mountain range – still containing the fossilised life forms and fragments of meteorite. However nature wasn’t finished – millions of years of erosion later, we’re left with the unique formations we see today.

The Outback 4WD Natural History MuseumOutback 4WD Norms Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby

Who said museums had to be inside? The Brachina Gorge provides us with more than spectacular views, it is a doorway to 650 million years of Australian and natural history. Throughout Brachina Gorge the earth’s crust has broken wide open, exposing the treasures beneath. Here you can find fragments of that meteorite as well as remarkable examples of Ediacaran fossils. These are rare fossils of some of the earliest forms of life to appear on our planet. We’ll take some time to explore some of the fossils exposed in the different layers of strata, allowing you the opportunity to see this part of the earths history.

Pound Rounds

Amongst all the breathtaking scenery of the Ikara-Flinders Ranges, the views of Wilpena Pound stand out as some of the most overwhelmingly beautiful. Our tour doesn’t venture into the Pound itself. Instead, we’ve focused on the outback 4WD experience and helping you get the best panoramic shots over the Pound and surrounding areas.We want to offer a different perspective of the sheer grandeur of the Pound.  Having said that, if you’d like the chance to see the Pound from a different angle, why not look at spending a night or two? The resort offers a range of accommodation & dining options.


So if you’re looking for the perfect outback 4WD adventure including some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Ikara-Flinders Ranges, contact us today and take the chance to immerse yourself in the stark majesty of this unique environment.


Elder Range – Flinders Ranges

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