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Tag Along Tours

The infamous outback lures many visitors to Australia each year. However,  4wd Tag Along Tours get you to the places the majority of tourists don’t get to. You have the opportunity to see unique places without the guesswork. Tag along tours take you to amazing destinations and ultimately improve your experience of the Australian outback.

Tag Along Tours – Experience of a Lifetime

Pindan tour guides are highly knowledgeable in touring the outback and can take you to some amazing destinations. They take the guesswork out for you so that all you have to do is follow and experience some of the most memorable places Australia has to offer. There are different Australian adventure tours and you can choose a package that suits you. There are half day treks to whet your appetite and show you what it’s all about. Or you can opt for treks that cover several days. Packages can also be used to increase your 4WD skills and confidence with your vehicles capabilities.

Tag Along ToursGreat Minds Think Alike

Our team at Pindan tag along tours provide an introduction to the infamous outback with like-minded individuals. You don’t have to be a lone Aussie wanderer. Adventure tours in Australia provide a great opportunity to meet others with similar interests. Make lifelong friends in the bush and learn from your shared experience. Making these connections will help you unplug from daily life.

Safety First

Experiencing the outback with skilled guides also provides reassurance with your safety. Touring with a guide gives you the excitement of traveling with a safety net. Pindan tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in 4WD vehicles and what to do in emergency situations. This includes means of emergency communications and the capabilities for basic repairs. Take on different terrains with the confidence of having more experienced 4WD drivers on hand.

Tag Along ToursBoost Your Skills

Pindan Tours also offers specialised 4WD training so once you’ve completed your training, why not join one of our tag along tours and see what your 4WD can really do on tour. These vehicles are made to take you off the beaten track and have a unique Australian experience. Expand your 4WD expertise and test its capabilities with the reassurance of skilled tour operators.

Learn Something New

Exploring the outback is possible by yourself, however, a tour guide provides you with knowledge. Not only are they familiar with the landscape and four wheel driving but they can teach you about the history, attractions, flora and fauna you encounter. This provides you with a greater understanding of the area that you wouldn’t get if you travelled alone.


Booking a tag along tour is the first step in committing to a unique Australian adventure. Even if you’ve just got a question, contact us today and let us introduce you to the breathtaking Australian outback as you’ve never seen it before.

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