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Important reasons why you should enrol in 4WD Driver Training

Basic Sandy terrain training near the Flinders Ranges

Pindan Tours 4WD Training – Basic Sandy terrain training

Off-road driving can be pretty dangerous for beginners, so you should learn the fundamentals before venturing out on your own. Australia’s vast lands offer popular 4WD destinations perfect for off-road trips.

Driving an off-road truck such as the Ford Everest 4WD can teach you a lot about your four-wheel drive, and taking a 4WD course is a great way to learn how to maximise its capability. Survival techniques on rough terrains, among others, must be acquired to enjoy exploring and setting off on unforgettable adventures.” shares low-doc car loan provider Alister Clare of Credit Capital.

Make the most out of your 4WD vehicles with these fantastic benefits when enrolled in a proper 4WD driver training course, delivered by experienced and professional Nationally Accredited 4WD Trainers & Assessors, delivering 4WD Training to the highest National Standards.

Get to Know Your Off-Road Vehicle

Although these vehicles are complex, 4WD’s make your life simpler when traversing various difficult terrains. Pindan Tours and 4WD Training offers first-class and personalised training programs where you’ll learn what each vehicle’s functions are, when to use them and what types of terrains you should use them in.

For example:

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps drivers avoid rollovers by detecting situations where traction is reduced. The intelligent system applies brakes to each tyre to keep the car stable.
  • Differential locks significantly improve traction off road by allowing the rear or front wheels to lock so they can rotate together and at the same pace, thus, preventing individual wheels from slipping.
  • Traction Control for when a wheel spins or loses traction, sensors in the electronic traction control system provide individual braking force to that tyre.
  • Hill Start Assist automatically applies the brakes when you begin climbing a hill if it detects any backward movement.

This is only the tip of the iceberg; other options include multi-terrain selection, limited-slip differentials, hill descent control, emergency brake control and adjustable suspension.

You can apply for a variety of 4WD courses from Pindan Tours and 4WD Training. We are a leading training business recognised for delivering quality 4WD Training and memorable Tag Along Tours, specialising in touring to remote areas all over Australia.

Learn To Overcome the Challenges

Advanced driver training in Steep terrain in the Flinders Ranges

Pindan Tours – Advanced driver training in Steep terrain

Our Basic and Advanced 4WD Training courses comprise of learning to drive over various obstacles and different terrains and how to recover a stuck 4WD vehicle using a variety of recovery accessories and methods. Understand how your 4WD performs and responds to different surfaces by spending a lot of time behind the wheel in various off road driving situations.

Our 4WD Training courses will let you test out your newly learnt 4WD skills on 4WD tracks designed to cover the various competencies we train to. Moreover, our stand-alone defensive driving course on Unsealed (gravel) roads, covers emergency braking, manoeuvring, and evasive action/accident-avoidance techniques, which are must-have skills for off-road driving.

Advanced 4WD Training

When driving a 4WD, the driver is under as much strain as the vehicle when making it through the rugged and difficult terrains. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a course for your profession, for personal improvement or simply because you want to learn how to pull an Off-Road trailer behind your 4WD; you’ll need training from qualified and experienced professionals.

Our Advanced 4WD Training is perfect for enthusiasts and extreme adventurers who already have some basic 4WD skills. It is designed for the spirited with a thirst for more knowledge and Advanced skills in rugged off-road terrains. Get familiarised with Advanced Snatch Strap/Kinetic Energy Rope (KER) recoveries, Winch recoveries and other 4WD functions not covered in our Basic Course.

A Professional and Entertaining 4WD Driving School

Pindan Tours and 4WD Training has taught many Australians how to conquer the outback in their four-wheel drives, with their high quality training for over 25 years.

In addition to having Basic and Advanced 4WD Certifications and being a fully Eco Accredited business, each of our instructors has a deep love and understanding of the off-roading lifestyle and the Outback. So, the best way to enjoy the great outdoors while still being safe, is to get the proper 4WD Driver training.

Contact us to find out more about our high quality 4WD Training courses and memorable Outback Tag along Tours.


Article written by Maya Coleman

Co-authored & vetted by Norman Bee – Pindan Tours and 4WD Training

Photos by Pindan Tours and 4WD Training ©

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