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..they challenged our preconceptions and empowered us to learn..

Heading home after a day on the road with Norman and Coralie Bee from Pindan Tours and 4WD Training, Mum and I learned so much at a practical level that is going to make us safer drivers both in the country and in the city. This also means driving to minimise your ecological footprint, through maximising the use of the gearbox to control ascents, descents and recoveries.

Cannot recommend these guys enough, they challenged our preconceptions and empowered us to learn safe driving techniques in sand, rock, side slopes and even how to change a tyre with minimal exertion! Mum’s highlight was “feeling the power” of a good V8 engine, while I preferred the safety aspects of the training such as recovery techniques in sand and off the side of a hill.

Pindan Tours and 4WD Training can train for organisational needs, group travel or individual Tailored training to your equipment and vehicle specifications.

All round champions and true blue Aussies!!


Alison Heidenreich - Millswood, SA

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