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There are many components that set Pindan apart from its competitors,

Albert and I highly recommend Pindan Tours and 4WD course. There are many components that set Pindan apart from its competitors, having 1:1 training is just one of them, but a very important one. Their passion, communication, knowledge and experience are others. When we first met Norm and Coralie, we were instantly impressed with how their business is set up and their reasoning behind their approach to 4WDriving and training as a whole.
Not having had any exposure to 4WDriving prior to the course (and with a relatively new vehicle), Norm and Coralie were patient and exuded a calm confidence and thus didn’t overwhelm us. They not only excelled at reading our understanding of the theory and technical knowledge (in my case pretty much non-existent) but also our readiness for the various practical components. They took their time and let us set the pace. Having their undivided attention and focus on us and our vehicle, made this course a highly personalized experience. We found the Theory day incredibly valuable, as it provided us with critical knowledge and understanding and enabled us to build a big picture before doing any sort of practical exercises. Norm is a very engaging trainer and whilst the theory content is a lot to cover, he made it interesting and we knew that everything he covered would be of great benefit to us and vital to the course.
The practical day followed the exact same approach: Norm and Coralie expertly read our confidence levels and were able to raise them accordingly. We knew we were in safe hands and trusted Norm’s and Coralie’s instructions and guidance completely. It was great to get a sense of what our vehicle could do, but it was quite amazing to realise what we could as individuals and drivers as well. I certainly stepped out of my comfort zone numerous times, but it was SO worth it. We can’t wait to start putting our learnings into practice and discover a new world!

Lian van Veen - Adelaide, SA

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