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Goog’s Track Tag along Tour – 2021

Patrick and I highly recommend Pindan tours, we just accomplished the Googs track with Pindan’s tagalong tour. The track was completed over an extended long weekend, so we had plenty of time to absorb information and utilize skills. We took our Bluewater Macquarie camper and were amazed at what we learned. Never did I think we would have been able to navigate the area but with Norm’s knowledge and 4WD training made things simple, so concise and easily applied. Nothing rushed. Norm teaches you to work through recovery situations with ease. Instils complete confidence in yourself. Coralie and Norm have such enthusiasm and passion it is contagious, and the trip was so enjoyable. We learnt new skills and techniques, how to get the most from our equipment, we saw amazing spots, scenery we would never have seen nor reached, and Coralie’s extensive knowledge of flora and fauna is phenomenal. History we would have missed was brought to life giving our surroundings much more meaning, understanding how parts of our heritage has been formed.
If you seek adventure, challenge and some darn good fun, join in a tour, if you want some 4WD skills, you cannot go past Pindan Training – a great way to make some good friends along the way too.
It is a weekend we will not forget.
Thankyou, Coralie and Norm

Patricia Daly - Reid, SA

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